Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Sing to the Lord a new song.

This starts with a massive technological FAIL on my part.

I very responsibly made sure that "John Barleycorn" was available on YouTube before planning it into last Sunday's Sunday School lesson. My thought process was, "okay, so I'll just take my computer upstairs and play it there!"

Not remembering, at that moment, that "upstairs" did not have internet access.

When did I remember this fact, you might ask?

That would be 9:30 on Sunday morning.

Half an hour before the service was supposed to start.

Now, I didn't even have a working tape or CD player, so the fact that I'd relied on YouTube and left my recording of "John Barleycorn" at home is pretty irrelevant.

So in five minutes, I found a music downloading site that had the Steeleye Span version of "John Barleycorn," joined, paid the £9.99 subscription fee, and successfully downloaded the song.

The £9.99 gets me a month and 68 downloads. So I'm going to use my maximum number of downloads and then cancel my subscription before the church ends up getting charged £10 a month for the remainder of my life.

So here's what I've downloaded for the Sunday School's "Music Library" so far (these will be used in class, burned onto CDs for children to study at home before the Christmas pageant, and possibly used on "study CDs" for a future children's choir):

1. My Dancing Day
2. My Shepherd Will Supply My Need
3. We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder
4. John Barleycorn (obviously)
5. Go, Tell It On The Mountain
6. Marching to Zion
7. Praise, My Soul, The King of Heaven
8. All Glory, Laud and Honour
9. All Things Bright and Beautiful
10. A Stable Lamp is Lighted
11. Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah
12. The Storm Is Passing Over
13. Children of a Heavenly Father
14. People, Look East
15. The Friendly Beasts
16. For All The Saints
17. Come Down, O Love Divine
18. He Who Would Valiant Be
19. Jesus Christ Is Risen Today

I have 49 downloads left. What else should I include?

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