Sunday, 26 September 2010

Stars of the week!

I would like to give special recognition to Victoria O'Neill, Minh Tam Janssens, and Emma Chorley, all of whom have been guinea pigs for new storytelling and worship ideas over the last two weeks and have risen to the challenge.  Emma was the first, apart from myself, to use the Beulah Land felt storytelling materials, and gave me some excellent feedback on how I could make it more user-friendly.

Victoria and Minh Tam led the older group today for the first time since its "relaunch" when I arrived last May.  This included storytelling, worship, getting used to the new arrangement of the space, and leading a fairly messy craft activity.

Thanks to all three of you for everything you add to the programme.

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  1. how mysterious :) I wonder what advice you got about making Beulah Land more user-friendly.