Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Random theological musings on this week's lesson

It's occurred to me for the first time, in preparing Sunday School on Matthew 26, that Jesus' response is not so much one of principle but of pastoral care. Judas says, "you could have taken all that money this woman wasted on perfume for you, and given it to the poor." Jesus' response is "the poor will be with you always, but I will not be. She has anointed me with oil as for my burial." The anointing was an act of love - possibly misguided, possibly OTT and a bit embarrassing for Jesus, possibly not the most effective use of 300 denarii. But it was an act of love, and standing there vulnerable in front of her Lord, the woman needed that love acknowledged. Judas is practical, and he may be right in that Christians should care more about the poor than about how expensive our worship materials are. But that woman needed Jesus to publicly recognize that her intention - love - was what mattered to him. And he did.

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