Sunday, 27 May 2012

More things kids say.

We've finished our story cycle for this year - we did the whole Old Testament this year, and will do the New Testament next year.  Now we're doing a half-term of churchy stuff - the Bible, Baptism, the Eucharist, the Creed, the Church Year, etc.  But today, as we do at Easter, we celebrated a special occasion, separate from our story cycle.  Because today was Pentecost.

So I told the story of how Jesus rose from the dead and ascended, to give background, and then told the story of Pentecost.  We learned how to say "God loves you" in four different languages, we sang "One More Step Along the World I Go," and we made windsocks, decorated with whatever imagery we wanted, to show the spirit of God, the wind, moving in our lives.  When we went back into church, we got candles, and had them lit from the Paschal Candle, which was then extinguished, showing that God's spirit has moved from being just in Jesus to being in all of us.  And then we were sent out into the world.

The kids disagreed with each other about what the most important part of today's story was, so I asked them to explain their reasoning.

"The most important part was when he rose from the dead, because if that hadn't happened he wouldn't be God."

"The most important part was when the Spirit came, because if that hadn't happened, the disciples would still be afraid instead of telling the story."

My kids are fabulous.

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