Friday, 5 August 2011

Seminar Update - third speaker confirmed!

The third speaker for our seminar on Children's Spirituality in November will be Gretchen Wolff Pritchard.  Gretchen is the author of Offering the Gospel to Children, the founder of The Sunday Paper and Beulah Enterprises, and an internationally renowned Christian educator.  She also happens to be my mother, which explains why she's flying across the Atlantic for a grand total of 48 hours.

So our full lineup is:

Dr. Rebecca Nye, speaking on "Children's spirituality - what is it and what can parents do?"

Gretchen Wolff Pritchard, speaking on the Christian story and how children understand it.

Victoria Goodman, speaking on techniques for building children's spirituality at home.

The day will also include a chance to tour the children's areas at St. George's and to play with our toys!  Email for tickets and information!


  1. I am shocked and utterly disgusted that some like Margaret can call herself a Christian never mind a pastor. All those nights of smoking and getting completely trashed at a pub across the road from a school for all the children and parents to see!! I thought Christians were not meant to judge-yet she spent all day judging and critising the management of the school she worked in, in front of children, parents and other staff.I thought Christians would respect their boss? Her behaviour was definitely not Christian like and has put a number of people off even considering ever stepping near a church. You should be ashamed of yourself!!!

  2. Yes, I agree!! The way she treated those poor children, she would scream at them and even be really physical with them, pulling or pushing them around. Def not a church I would want to go to. Isn't Christianity about forgiveness? well long after she left she was still posting vindictive posts on a number of websites about the headteacher. Thought Christians were meant to be the 'better person'. If a Christian is what she is then count me out.

  3. Very true. she is def not someone I would want near my children as a role model. hypocrite!

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    I suspect I know who you are. I will not delete your comments because I don't want you to think I have anything to hide. I have had some horrible experiences with bullies in my time as a teacher and it's interesting to see they have followed me here and that they don't have the decency to post their real names with their comments.

    I've forgiven you long ago. Forgiveness doesn't mean that those who have done wrong shouldn't be held accountable for what they have done. I have moved on from the horrible way you treated me and found happiness, acceptance and success in another job, where I feel as though my talents are blossoming and where the children I work with have the chance to become their fullest and truest selves. It's a joy to be at my current job, to be making a difference in the world in a place where I am respected. I'm not going to let you destroy that.

    You tried to destroy me once already. You failed. I pray for you all, always.


  5. Dear, dear Anonymous: Your comments are worth exactly as much as your willingness to own up to them. Unfortunately, they're being read by people who actually KNOW Margaret. This makes you (whoever you are) come across as doubly cowardly, doubly backstabbing, doubly small--so small one would need a magnifying glass actually to see you.

    I'm happy to sign my name to this post, by the way.

    Leslie Lacy

  6. Dear Anonymous,

    Every pathetic word you typed dripped with jealousy and bitterness.

    With every pathetic word, you are perpetuating a lie, calculated to tear someone down.

    Your life must indeed be empty if this is your idea of "revenge". Because despite your brutal attempts to break Margaret, she has moved on to greener, more successful, and more fulfilling pastures.

    That must just kill you.

    Your pathetic words have no place here.

    Elizabeth Ellis

  7. Anonymous, I'm sorry you feel the need to (anonymously!) slander someone years later. If you truly stood behind your words, you would be proud to have your name associated with them. Your vindictive comments say far more about you than they do anyone else. I hope you're able to let go and move on in your life.

  8. Dear Anonymous:

    Hmmm....since Margaret hasn't worked at that school in 3 years or more, you must have had to exert some effort to find this blog and then comment on it. I suggest you go looking on Google for something else: a life. You need it.

  9. Dear Anonymous,
    I'm sure it's very hard when people can walk away from you with their heads held high and still succeed regardless of the torture and torment they have been through. This is called INNER STRENGTH. It's such a pity you just have not realised that you had been forgiven. Margaret is a positive role model who has brought great joy to those who know her. As we all know, it's hard to let go. Take it from me, let her go and in so doing you'll be giving yourself the chance to appreciate what blessing she was then and still is to youth of today... Who can match up to such a wonderful and inspirational woman? It's still a beautiful world. Might I invite you to read the poem Desiderata. and remember... as Margaret has moved on so should you.

  10. Dear Anonymous,

    It's kind of hard to take your criticisms of Margaret seriously when you're doing exactly what you claim she did. Those in glass houses...

    I hope you can find some kind of peace in your life. Bullying is never the answer.

    Leslie Crowell

  11. I'm very moved by all these comments. It's wonderful that something negative has led to such an outpouring of kindness. I know that many of you have also had experiences of bullying or of difficult circumstances and I know that every single one of you is strong and thoughtful and kind, partly as a result of going through those experiences. Good things can come out of bad.

    Here endeth the cliche-ridden lesson. ;)

  12. Greetings. I would like to apologize wholeheartedly and unconditionally for my savage remarks concerning Margaret. I suffer from a condition known as "Suppressed Troll Disorder" in which the ugliest side of my personality is actually an autonomous entity who is capable of commandeering my body after my primary consciousness has been compromised. Those of you who have seen "Fight Club" may have some idea of what I am talking about.

    Suffering from an STD is a terrible thing. My Swedish parakeet, Lord Pickles - whose advice and mentorship I value beyond words - has suggested that I call this entity "Bruce", as giving sinister and incorporeal forces silly names makes them less frightening. (I now refer to my credit card company as "Oggy" and it makes paying my bills ever so much easier, but that is besides the point.)

    On September 2, after a particularly spectacular root-beer binge, I passed out on one of my throw rugs and Bruce took over. He proceeded to verbally abuse my next-door neighbor, heave boulders at the postman, and - worse - gained access to my computer. It was at that point that he posted several absolutely disgraceful screeds that, while their target was Margaret, in truth reflected my own insecurities and doubts about my worthiness as a Christian. That should never have happened. I am ashamed.

    I am aware that I am a difficult person to deal with, and while I am not trying to completely avoid responsibility for my issues, I hope you will understand that I am wrestling with a terrible creature whose designs and abilities can not be underestimated. Forgive us, please.

    Again, I must apologize for my - well, Bruce's - dreadful behavior, and I can assure you that I am tirelessly working with Lord Pickles to assure that this never MARGARET IS A SERPENTINE CENTAUR-WORSHIPPING SDDSGADKSAFDH

    ...Oh gracious! I am sorry about that. Bruce is now fully under control. For now, anyway.

    Margaret, I very much appreciate your prayers and forgiveness. I shall need them both. You are a jewel among coalstones; a machete among butter knives; an environmentally friendly flying saucer among Hummers.

    Live long and prosper.

    - Anonymous & Co.

  13. Dear (the original) Anonymous,

    It's a little hard to take you seriously when all three of your posts amount to, "How dare Margaret be successful? How dare people like and respect her? How dare she not fear me anymore?!"

    Because she's stronger than you.

    She's stronger than you, smarter than you, more competent than you - by a mile - and she got away from you. And now, she's built a full, happy life and a flourishing career. She's become well known and highly regarded in her field, and she helps many, many people through her work.

    It's pretty telling that when you attacked Margaret, a lot of people came out to defend her, and to sign their names proudly to their defence of her. You, on the other hand, had to comment three times (yes, you're not fooling anyone, the time stamps and the writing style give it away) to pretend to agree with yourself.

    What you've said here is hateful and jealous, true. But it's also just kind of... sad. To be desperately trying to track down and hurt someone who hasn't worked for you for three years - someone you can't touch - screams of an attempt to find some kind of control over something in your life. And the saddest thing is, Margaret has already forgiven you. She's left you behind. You're the one who can't do the same.

    To the anonymous directly above me,

    YOU, Sir or Madam, are a comedic genius, and gave me the laugh I really needed after reading this. Thank you. :)

    I'm not afraid to put my name to this.

    Catherine Martin

  14. Dear Margaret,
    I refuse to give credence to anonymous so I am writing to exalt you: "They that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as Eagles. They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint..." Margaret, you have risen like a MIGHTY PHOENIX from the murky ashes of the past... this has placed you in the enviable position of being an inspiration but ironically, it has also made you a target but only to embittered and small-minded people (anonymous)who are unaware of the fact that jealousy is a cancer that destroys the host.

  15. Oh, my, "Anonymous & Co."! How I wish I had your writing skills. That truly cracked me right up!